“ジョーダンバットが鳴っている (Jordan Bat ga Natteiru)” by Shota Totsuka will be published as a book!
On top of this, the series will be published for a limited-time in the magazine “ダ・ヴィンチ (Da Vinci)”!

Totsuka’s series, “Jordan Bat ga Natteiru,” will be getting published as a book! The series was serialized in “Da Vinci” (November 2013 issue - February 2016 issue), a magazine published by KADOKAWA that provides information on books and comics. The book is scheduled for publication in spring of 2018.

Aside from the things he wrote for the series, portions of the interviews and talks which Totsuka had in “Da Vinci” will also be included. As an original project for the book, interviews with the members of A.B.C-Z and exclusive writings and photos are scheduled to be included.
Additionally, when the book gets published, the “Da Vinci” magazine itself is scheduled to run a special feature on A.B.C-Z.

Also, starting with the February 2018 issue (1/6 Sat. release), Totsuka’s series “ジョーダンバットが鳴っている2 (Jordan Bat ga Natteiru 2)” will run for a limited period of one year!

※Details will be posted as they are confirmed.