September 3rd, 2017

Thank you very much for your continued support for Tackey & Tsubasa.

We apologize for the sudden announcement. With the celebration of its 15th anniversary in September, Tackey & Tsubasa will be temporarily suspending its activities as of this month.

Tackey & Tsubasa has not been able to put out sufficient performances in the past few years, and the two have repeatedly discussed how best to approach their activities.
Ultimately, rather than continue this way, the two have decided to temporarily suspend their group’s activities, and concentrate on their solo activities with the goal of improving their skills and achieving personal growth so that they can later return as Tackey & Tsubasa. A decision has been reached to respect their wishes.

We understand that this will cause worry for fans who have supported the two, as well as all those involved with their activities. However, please understand that this temporary suspension is necessary for the two to grow, and we hope you will give them your continued warm support.

We humbly ask for your continued encouragement and support from here on out.

Johnny & Associates
Johnny’s Family Club

I intend to continue working hard
in order to ensure that I will not regret this decision.
Thank you for your continued support.

Hideaki Takizawa

I hope to use this turning point as a new opportunity to start from the beginning
and focus on the performing arts.
I am honored by everyone’s support, and will do my very best
in order to be able to deliver good news in the future.

Tsubasa Imai