Privacy Policy

Johnny & Associates (referred to below as ‘The Company’) will strictly adhere to laws pertaining to the protection of personal information, and other regulations and guidelines pertaining to the protection of personal information.
The Company will promote the protection of personal information by defining policies for the protection of personal information (which have been noted below), through the establishment of a framework that protects personal information, and by taking measures to increase awareness of the importance of protecting personal information and increasing understanding of the initiatives designed to do so among all employees when handling personal information provided by members (referred to below as ‘The Group’s Members’) of Johnny’s Family Club (referred to below as ‘The Group’).

Management of Personal Information

The Company will ensure that the personal information of The Group’s Members is both accurate and current, maintain security systems, ensure that systems for handling said personal information are in order, thoroughly educate employees, and take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent illegal access to said personal information, as well as ensure that said personal information does not get lost, destroyed, tampered with, or leaked, while also ensuring that said personal information is managed strictly.

Purposes for Which Personal Information is Used

The Company will only use information received from The Group’s Members that is necessary in order to achieve the goals which have been specified and revealed beforehand.
The personal information received from The Group’s Members are used for the following purposes.

Contacting users regarding procedures such as joining, continuing, or leaving The Group.
Providing services (referred to below as ‘The Services’) which are available to The Group’s Members.
Support functions such as handling inquiries related to The Services
Usage and recording of access information (internet, cellphone site, etc.) for the purpose of operating and managing The Services, as well as handling inquiries

Disclosure to Third Parties

Personal information received from The Group’s Members will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the person in question with the exception of the following conditions noted below.

When there is a requirement to do so by law.
When there is a need to protect an individual from a threat to their life, body, or wealth, and it is difficult to receive consent from the person in question.
When there is a special need for the information in order to improve public health or discourage delinquent behavior by minors, and it is difficult to receive consent from the person in question.
When there is a need to cooperate with a Japanese government agency, local public authorities, or a third party that has been commissioned to carry out the duties of such entities, and acquiring consent from the person in question will obstruct the work of such entities.

Shared Use of Personal Information

The Company engages in the shared use of the personal information provided by The Group’s Members within the scope defined below, and only in cases where it is necessary.

Information that will be shared
Information such as names, addresses, and email addresses that are used to register with the “Johnny's net members site.”
Organizations with which the information will be shared with
Young Communication Co., Ltd.
Art Bank Co., Ltd.
Usage purposes
Conducting information management and confirmation operations such as to ensure that The Group’s Members possess membership qualifications and that these qualifications are valid.
Managing supervisor for shared usage
Johnny & Associates

Consigned Handling of Personal Information

In order to provide better services to The Group’s Members, operations that require the use of personal information are sometimes consigned to third parties in charge of said operations. In such instances, only those entities deemed to handle personal information appropriately are carefully selected. Proper measures for handling personal information, maintaining confidentiality, and preventing leaks of personal information are defined in contracts. The necessary and appropriate measures are taken to oversee the appropriate handling of said information.

Security Measures for Personal Information

The Company, in order to confirm the accuracy and safety of personal information, takes measures to ensure the strongest possible security. However, note that the nature of internet transmissions prevents information from ever being completely secure.

Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information, Etc.

If The Group’s Members wish to make a request such as for disclosure related to their personal information (notification of the purposes for use, disclosure, editing content, making additions, removing information, stopping or terminating use), please make an inquiry to the address below. When a member contacts The Company, in order to confirm that the inquiry is being sent by the member, submission of proof such as a photo ID may be requested.

Acquisition of Information by Means Which Cannot be Easily Discerned by the Individual

Cookies are information sent from the website’s server to a user’s browser for the purposes of allowing users to view and access the various sites operated by The Company. When users view these websites, cookies may be used. In addition, although you can set your device to block cookies, note that doing so may cause you to be unable to view all or a portion of The Services.

Revisions for Compliance with Standards, Laws, and Regulations

In order to ensure continuing compliance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, as well as the established national guidelines and other standards, The Company will revise this privacy policy as necessary, and make efforts to improve it.


For inquiries or complaints related to The Company’s handling of personal information, please contact the address below.

MTB Building, 3-29-24 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan ジャニーズファミリークラブ