Sayonara Nichigeki Last Show “Seishun Graffiti Sneaker Blues”

: Masahiko Kondo

■Venue: TOHO CINEMAS Nichigeki Screen 1 (Yurakucho Mullion 11th floor)
■Screening Date: 1/28 Sun.
16:20 screening (Cast greetings after the screening)
19:00 screening (Cast greetings before the screening)

■Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)
☆General ticket sales scheduled to start from 24:00 on 1/22 Mon.
(Box office sales start from opening time 1/22 Mon.)
Please see the official TOHO Cinemas website for further details.

※Masahiko Kondo scheduled to appear at the cast greetings at every screening
※Please be aware that there will be cameras which will take video footage and photos of the venue that will include the audience seating.

TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki, which opened in 1933 as the “Nihon Gekijo Theater,” changed its name frequently and contributed to the history of film over 85 years, will be closing as of 2/4 Sun.
Many classics will be shown during the Sayonara Nichigeki Last Show (1/22 Mon.-2/4 Sun.). Masahiko Kondo’s debut anniversary movie released in 1981 will appear once again on the screens of Nichigeki on 1/28 Sun.!
Whilst tracing back the history of Nichigeki, please go and watch “Seishun Graffiti Sneaker Blues.”

(Contact) TOHO CINEMAS Nichigeki: 050-6868-5000 (available 24 hours)