“出没!アド街ック天国 (Shutsubotsu! Adomachikku Tengoku)”

TV Tokyo networks
4/21 Sat. 21:00-21:54
Yoshihiko Inohara

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“みんなの手話 (Minna no Shuwa)”

NHK E-tele (Educational TV)
4/22 Sun. 19:30-19:55 (※Schedule changes may occur.)
Rerun: Fridays 13:05-13:30
Ken Miyake

※Also currently appearing in “NHKテレビテキスト みんなの手話 (NHK TV Text Minna no Shuwa)” (issued four times a year/scheduled for release on the 25th of March, June, September, and December)!

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“アメージパング! (Amazipang!)”

TBS networks
4/24 Tue. 24:58-25:28
Ending theme song: V6 “レッツゴー6匹 (Rettsugoo Roppiki)”

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“よじごじDays (Yojigoji Days)”

TV Tokyo
4/25 Wed. 15:40-16:54
Hiroshi Nagano

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“水野真紀の魔法のレストラン (Mizuno Maki no Maho no Restaurant)”

Mainichi Broadcasting System
4/25 Wed. 19:00-20:00
Hiroshi Nagano
※Airtime differs from regular broadcast due to program scheduling.

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“特捜9 (Tokuso 9)”

TV Asahi networks
4/25 Wed. 21:00-21:54
Yoshihiko Inohara (as Naoki Asawa)
Theme song: V6 “Crazy Rays”

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“ノンストップ! (NONSTOP!)”

Fuji TV networks
4/27 Fri. 9:50-11:25
Masayuki Sakamoto
※Featured in the “One Dish” segment on Fridays

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“晴れ、ときどきファーム! (Hare, Tokidoki Farm!)”

NHK BS Premium
4/27 Fri. 23:00-23:29
Hiroshi Nagano

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