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Series “EYES”

“ヘンリー五世 (Henry V)”
Featuring: Kenichi Okamoto

5/17 Thu.-6/3/2018 Sun.
Venue: New National Theatre Tokyo, Playhouse
(Tickets) S-seats: \8,640; A-seats: \6,480; B-seats: \3,240 (all seats reserved, tax included)

※Performance schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
※Please refrain from making inquiries to the performance venue.
※Preschool children will not be admitted. Thank you for your understanding.

(Contact) New National Theatre Tokyo: 03-5351-3011

◆New National Theatre Tokyo Monthly Project
Talk Session: “Looking back on the New National Theatre Tokyo’s Shakespearean Historical Plays” announced!

Date: 5/27 Sun. 17:00
Venue: Playhouse
Featuring: Hitoshi Uyama, Kenji Urai, Kenichi Okamoto, Sayoko Nasu

※See the official New National Theatre Tokyo website for more information for information on how to apply.
(Application period: Until 2/22 Thu.)

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“グレイクリスマス (Gray Christmas)”
Featuring: Kenichi Okamoto

December 2018
Venue: Mitsukoshi Theater

※Details will be posted as they are confirmed.

“ONWARD presents SHINKANSEN☆RS ‘メタルマクベス (Metal Macbeth)’ disc 2 produced by TBS”
Kenichi Okamoto
Yoshitaka Hara (宇宙Six/Johnnys’ Jr.)

Scheduled to run from mid-September 2018
Venue: IHI Stage Around Tokyo (Toyosu)
(Tickets) \13,500 (All seats reserved/Tax included)

(Contact) Stage Around: 0570-084-617(10:00-20:00)

※Details will be posted as they are confirmed.

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