“家族の旅路 家族を殺された男と殺した男 (Kazoku no Tabiji Kazoku o Korosareta Otoko to Koroshita Otoko)”
(Sales agency: Tokai Television Broadcasting/Distributor: TC Entertainment)
10/10/2018 Wed. release
¥15,200 + tax

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“浅草・筑波の喜久次郎~浅草六区を創った筑波人~ (Asakusa Tsukuba no Kikujiro ~Asakusa Rokku o Tsukutta Tsukubajin~)”
(Sales agency: Is.Field/Distributor: Happinet)
6/2/2017 Fri. release
¥3,800 + tax

※Main feature 96 min. + bonus footage approx. 20 min.

“滝沢歌舞伎2018 (Takizawa Kabuki 2018)”
Starring/director: Hideaki Takizawa

●Tokyo performance

4/5 Thu.-5/13/2018 Sun.
Venue: (Tokyo) Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre
(Tickets) S-seats (1st and 2nd floors): \13,000; A-seats (3rd floor): \6,500; 1st floor box seats+box lunch (\3,500): \16,500 (all seats reserved, tax included)

●Nagoya performance

6/4/2018 Mon.-6/30/2018 Sat.
Venue: Misono-za
(Tickets) S-seats (1st and 2nd floors): \13,000; A-seats (2nd floor): \10,000 (All seats reserved, tax included)

※Ren Meguro will not appear from 4/5 Thu.-4/8 Sun.
※Please refrain from inquiring about the performers.
※There may be changes to the scheduled performers. Thank you for your understanding.
※The performance schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
※Preschool children will not be admitted. Thank you for your understanding.
※1st floor box seats+box lunch set tickets are only available through Ticket PIA.

(Contact) 0180-993-774 (24-hour voice-automated service)

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“滝沢歌舞伎2018 (Takizawa Kabuki 2018)”
Goods List

Round 1 of the stage photos will go on sale on 4/17 Tue.!

Pamphlet \2,200
Poster (group/Takizawa/Miyake: 3 types total) \900 each
Clear file folder (mixed/Takizawa/Miyake: 3 types total) \600 each
Original photo set (Takizawa/Miyake: 2 types total) \800 each
Folding fan \2,000
Cotton towel \1,500
Sticky notes \1,000
Ticket file folder (group) \500
Stage photo (5x7 inch/33 types) \500 each

※Prices listed above include tax.

[(Tokyo) Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre performance goods sales information]
※Goods sales are scheduled to coincide with the facility schedule for all performance days.
※The shop will be located in the venue’s 2nd floor lobby.
※Stage photos will only be available for purchase at the theater on the day of the performance for which you have tickets (during the performance).

[Those without tickets]
◎Goods sales times
*For the 13:00 performance:
First Act: 13:20-13:50/Second Act: 14:50-15:20
*For the 18:00 performance:
First Act: 18:20-18:50/Second Act: 19:50-20:20

・The schedule for goods sales may change based on daily conditions. Thank you for your understanding.
(Sales may be suspended temporarily.)
・On the day of the performance, please consult the facility staff for details regarding the goods sales area, sales hours, etc.
・Large crowds are expected, so please prepare exact change.
・Merchandise content and prices are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
・Products will be restocked daily; however, popular items may sell out. Thank you for your understanding.

[For Inquiries Regarding Goods]
Johnny's Goods Support Center: 0120-382-310 (Mon.-Fri. 10:00-18:00 *excluding holidays)
※Please refrain from inquiring about sales.