<DVD & Blu-ray Disc>
“陸王 (Rikuo)”
(Sales agency: TBS/Sales cooperation: TBS Service/Distributor: TC Entertainment)
3/30/2018 Fri. release

¥20,900 + tax

●Blu-ray BOX
¥26,400 + tax

※Blu-ray discs cannot be played on DVD players. A specific player is required.

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KOKAMI@network vol.14
“イントレランスの祭 (Intolerance no Matsuri)”

KOKAMI@network vol.14
“イントレランスの祭 (Intolerance no Matsuri)”
Scheduled to be released in late August 2017

\6,000 (tax included)

\7,000 (tax included)

Includes footage of the stage performance presented from April to May 2016 (Tokyo performance/Zenrosai Hall Space Zero) (main feature approx. 120 minutes)

※For details, please visit the THIRD STAGE official website ( .

“下剋上受験 (Gekokujo Juken)”

<DVD & Blu-ray Disc>
“下剋上受験 (Gekokujo Juken)”
(Sales agency: TBS / Distributor: TC Entertainment)
7/12/2017 Wed. release

¥19,000 + tax

●Blu-ray BOX
¥24,000 + tax

※Blu-ray discs cannot be played on DVD players. A specific player is required.

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Taiga drama
“西郷どん (Segodon)”

4/22 Sun.
NHK Sogo 20:00-20:45
NHK BS Premium 18:00-18:45
as Sanai Hashimoto

NHK Sogo
Saturdays 13:05-13:50

>> Official Website
ハートネットTV (Heart Net TV)
“ブレイクスルー (Breakthrough)”

NHK E-tele
4/23 Mon. 20:00-20:29
Rerun: the following Monday 13:05-13:34

>> Official Website
“林修のニッポンドリル (Hayashi Osamu no Nippon Drill)”

Fuji TV networks
★Starts on 4/25 Wed.!
Wednesdays 19:57-21:00
※First episode is a 2-hour special (19:00-21:00)

>> Official Website
“未解決の女 警視庁文書捜査官 (Mikaiketsu no Onna Keishicho Bunsho Sosakan)”

TV Asahi networks
4/19 Thu. 21:00-22:09
As Mizuki
※Episode 1 guest appearance


・Duskin “‘Kurashi no Rhythm o Totonoeyo’ series advertisement”

“TV Bros.”

(Tokyo News Service) Released on the 24th of every month
Series “ダンスはうまく踊れない (Dance wa Umaku Odorenai)”

“28th Anniversary Special
Featuring: Shunsuke Kazama

6/14/2018 Thu.
Performance time: 18:30
Venue: Tokyo, Sogetsu Hall
(Tickets) S-seats: \5,400/A-seats: \3,000 (All seats reserved, tax included)

※The performance schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
※Please refrain from making inquiries to the performance venue.
※Preschool children will not be admitted. Thank you for your understanding.
※As this show is performed in complete silence, if you are not been seated by the start of the performance, you will only be permitted to enter from the second act.
☆General ticket sales start 5/20/2018 Sun.

(Contact) 0180-993-774 (24-hour voice-automated service)