Johnnys’ Jr. Info

Featuring a variety of bonuses such as project and announcement videos focusing on Johnnys’ Jr., Bangumi Kyoryoku, and the latest concert and stage performance information!

<Member Bonuses>
●Members only videos
●Bangumi Kyoryoku (chance to participate (cooperate) in programs featuring Johnnys’ Jr.)
●Members receive priority service for concert, show, and event tickets when possible
●Members only information (get the latest news from the members-only website and information mailings)
※Information about Toma Ikuta, Hiroki Uchi, Shunsuke Kazama, Tomoyuki Yara, Jun Hasegawa, 4U, and Bunichi Hamanaka may also be distributed in some cases.

Annual fee: ¥2,500 (tax included)

Payment method:
※Additional Pay-easy handling fee: ¥140 (tax included)

Bank transfer amount: Annual fee ¥2,500+handling fee ¥140. Total: ¥2,640 (tax included)

※For more information on the details and cautionary points for this service, please see the “Johnnys’ Jr. Info” homepage.
※If you are a minor, please complete the application procedure with a parent or guardian.
※“Johnnys’ Jr. Info” is only available for PCs and smartphones (iPhone/Android).
There is no support for standard cell phones (i-mode/EZweb/Yahoo! Keitai). Please be aware of this.

Johnnys’ Jr. Info
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