Join a Fan Club

If you become a fan club member, you will be able to receive membership benefits such as newsletters and priority service when applying for concert tickets.
※This service is available in Japanese only.
※Membership is available only to those living in Japan, who have an address where mail can be sent within Japan.

Fan Club List

ShonentaiTOKIOKinKi KidsV6ARASHI
Tackey & TsubasaKAT-TUNNEWSKANJANI EIGHTTomohisa Yamashita
Hey! Say! JUMPKis-My-Ft2Sexy ZoneA.B.C-ZジャニーズWEST
King & Prince NEW

<Member Bonuses>
●Membership card
●Club Newsletter Publication (published at irregular intervals)
●Members receive priority service for concert, show, and event tickets when possible
●Message Board service (for receiving the latest information by email)

¥1,000 initial fee + ¥4,000 annual fee = ¥5,000 total (tax included)
※Before applying to join, please read the membership agreement.
By applying to join, you agree to the terms and rules set in the membership agreement.

Join a Fan Club

<Click here for Frequently Asked Questions>

After your provisional new membership registration on the website, please make your payment for the initial fee + annual membership fee through “Pay-easy.”
After payment has been confirmed, a membership card will be sent to you once the application process has been completed.

Please select a fan club you wish to join from the fan club list, and proceed with the application procedure. (You may proceed with a new membership procedure with the fan club you have selected. ※You will be linked to the fan club member page.)

※You will be required to have an email address for provisional new membership registration on the website.
※If you are a minor, please obtain permission from a parent or guardian. Minors joining a fan club will be presumed to have obtained permission from their guardians.
※An additional fee of ¥140 (tax included) will be required for the “Pay-easy” handling fee.
※Please see <here> on how to use a bank transfer sheet (blue) available at post offices to join. (※You will be linked to the fan club members page.)

<Registration Process>

[Step 1] Send a blank email
Send a blank email via the [Send blank email] button, without entering anything in the main text.
※Please set your email account on your device to allow emails from the “” address to be received.
※If you have your email account set to block messages with URLs included, please change the setting to “Allowed.”

You will be sent a provisional new membership invitation email (an email with a URL link to the provisional new membership registration form).
※Please ensure that the name of the fan club you wish to join is correct in the email.
※The URL in the email returned to you is a special URL containing your email address information. Please be careful to not allow anyone else to access this link.

[Step 2] Register necessary information in the provisional new membership registration form
Visit the URL in the provisional new membership invitation email and enter the information of the customer joining the fan club.
※If the name of a parent or guardian is used to register, that name will be used to complete the registration procedure. Please be sure to enter the name of the person applying to join before proceeding with the application process. Name changes are not allowed after becoming a member.

[Step 3] Check the numbers required for “Pay-easy”
You will be notified of the “receipt organization number,” “customer number,” and “confirmation number” required to make “Pay-easy” payments via the provisional new membership registration completion page and the provisional new membership invitation email.
※These numbers cannot be reissued, so please write them down and carefully keep track of them. If you have forgotten your numbers, you will be required to start from the beginning of the process, 2 weeks after your last registration attempt.

[Step 4] Paying with “Pay-easy”
Please pay your initial fee (¥1,000) + annual fee (¥4,000) + handling fee (¥140) by the payment deadline.
※Enter your payment information (receipt organization number, customer number, confirmation number) at an ATM or via online/mobile banking when making your payment.
※The payment deadline for “Pay-easy” payments (expiration date for the issued numbers) is 2 weeks after your provisional registration. If your payment cannot be confirmed during the payment period, you will need to manually go through the new membership registration process again.
※Please keep your payment receipt until your membership card arrives.

[Step 5] Issuance of a membership number
After your payment has been confirmed and the registration procedure has been completed (within 24 hours of your payment), your membership number (“new membership registration completion email”) will be sent to the email address you have provided.
※Please be sure not to change your registered email address during this time.
※We cannot respond to any inquiries regarding your membership number, so please take care to keep track of it.

[Step 6] Issuance of a membership card
After your payment has been confirmed and preparations have been completed (within 2 weeks to a month from your payment), your membership card will be sent to you via mail.
※Membership cards will be sent out in the order they are processed, but may take time to be delivered depending on the shipping preparation circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

How to pay using “Pay-easy”

“Pay-easy” is a payment service which can be used to pay fees
via ATM, PC, smartphone, etc.
Major nationwide banks (some locations excluded), Japan Post Bank ATMs supporting Pay-easy,
and online/mobile banking can be used to pay fees
simply by entering your personally-issued customer number.

※Please use ATMs in financial institutions that support Pay-easy,
or online/mobile banking.
Details of financial institutions supporting Pay-easy can be found here.
※If using online/mobile banking,
you will need to agree to a separate contract with the financial institution you are using.
※Your personally-issued customer number will be available via the explanatory email delivered after going through preliminary new member registration, as well as on your member-exclusive page.

<Payment methods>

●Cash or debit card at ATMs displaying the “Pay-easy” mark
●Choosing “Pay-easy” options in online/mobile banking
Please follow the instructions on the screen when making your payment.
For details about how to enter information and use the interface, please contact your financial institution.

※The payment deadline for Pay-easy payments differs depending on the details of your transaction.
If the transaction has not been completed by the time of the payment deadline, the transaction will become null and void.
Please start a new transaction to continue.

<Cautionary Notices>

・Payments cannot be made from ATMs and terminals inside convenience stores, or from ATMs at financial institutions that do not support Pay-easy. Additionally, payments cannot be made in-person at ticket windows.
・For details about locations of ATMs that support Pay-easy, how to use ATMs and online banking,
and available service times, please contact your financial institution.
(When making payments on holidays or evenings, an off-hours handling fee may apply.)
・You can make payments using this service from bank accounts other than that of the member. (The name on the account and other related information will not be transmitted to any fan club.)
・The handling date will be recorded as of the moment you complete your Pay-easy payment.
Furthermore, in some cases it may take time for payment to be confirmed. Please make your payments with enough time before the deadline.

Contact Information

<For membership inquiries>

We offer an automated voice service that allows both members and individuals applying for first-time membership to check their registration status.
※Please have the telephone number and postal code that you used in your membership application ready.
※Service will begin once the application process has been completed.
(Member qualification inquiries)

●Johnny’s Family Club
<Inquiries by phone (Japanese only)>
0570-033-366 (Service hours: Weekdays, Saturdays, and holidays 11:00-18:00, Sundays 11:00-17:00)

<Inquiries by postal mail (Japanese only)>
〒150-8550 MTB Building 4F, 3-29-24 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
※If more than approximately two months has passed since making your payment for membership at the post office and you have yet to receive anything, please send a letter about the matter by express mail with a copy of your payment receipt to “Johnny’s Family Club, [name of fan club applied to for membership] 会員証未着係.”