NEWS 3-product joint promotion "Invitation to the NEVERLAND exhibition!"

★NEWS 3-product joint promotion
In order to truly enjoy “EPCOTIA,” round 2 of the album project by NEWS, we invite you to “NEVERLAND exhibition”... a journey into the world and costumes of NEVERLAND from round 1 of “NEVERLAND”!
When planned numbers are filled at each venue, invitations will be determined by lottery. Thank you for your understanding.

[How to Apply]
You may apply once per person with a total of 3 IDs, IDs (1)-(3) enclosed with the products listed below.
ID(1) “LPS” single on sale 1/17 Wed.
ID(2) “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND” DVD and Blu-ray on sale 1/24 Wed.
ID(3) “EPCOTIA” album on sale 3/21 Wed., holiday

After entering IDs (1)-(3) on the official Johnny’s Entertainment special site, please choose your desired date and time slot.
You may set up to three desired dates/time slot options.
If applying as a pair, please submit the IDs for both participants.

[NEVERLAND Exhibition Program]
In some cases, the NEVERLAND exhibition takes place in the same venue as a “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2018 EPCOTIA” performance.
Please check the performance dates if you participate in a concert.

[Sapporo] 4/14 Sat.
[Nagoya] 4/28 Sat.
[Osaka] 5/4 Fri., holiday, 5/5 Sat., holiday, 5/6 Sun.
[Fukuoka] 5/12 Sat.
[Saitama] 5/18 Fri., 5/19 Sat., 5/20 Sun.

[Time you wish to participate]
Desired participation times differ depending on the schedule.
Details will be made available on the official Johnny’s Entertainment special site.

[Application Period]
3/20 Tue. 11:00-3/25 Sun. 23:59

★Double bonus NEWS bonus footage to be distributed!!!!
NEWS bonus footage will be distributed via streaming.
Please watch the stream after entering a total of 3 IDs, one each of ID (1)-(3), on the special site during the distribution period.
You can use the IDs you used to apply for the NEVERLAND exhibition to access the stream.

[Broadcast Period]
Around early June - The planned distribution schedule and time period are scheduled to be posted on the official Johnny’s Entertainment website as soon as decided.
Please take care not to lose your ID.