“White Love”

[First-run limited edition 1]
★Lyrics leaflet (7-panel 14 pages) enclosed

1. White Love
┗Movie “未成年だけどコドモじゃない (Miseinen dakedo Kodomo janai)” theme song
Lyrics: m.piece/Music: 田鹿ゆういち, m.piece/Arrangement: SSKHz

2. 星の降る夜に (Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni)
Lyrics & Music: タハラノブヒロ/Arrangement: 遠藤ナオキ

3. 星の降る夜に (Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni) (original karaoke track)

“White Love” music video + making-of [approx. 46 min.]

[First-run limited edition 2]
★24-page lyrics booklet

1. White Love
2. Rock U Baby!
Lyrics: Komei Kobayashi/Music: DWB, Peter Boyes, TAKAROT/Arrangement: TAKAROT

3. Rock U Baby! (original karaoke track)

Bonus footage “Hey! Say! JUMP I/Oth Anniversary Special Individual Interview” [approx. 118 min.]
(Special project footage featuring solo interviews in a personal job interview style, where the members look back on their 10th anniversary year of 2017, and look to their 11th year in 2018! )

[Regular edition]

1. White Love
2. Good Life
Lyrics: MICO#/Music: Erik Lidbom, HIKARI/Arrangement: HIKARI

3. Spark×2
Lyrics, music, arrangement: Twelvelayers

4. Usual Soldier
Lyrics: MICO#/Music: Kazumi Mitome/Arrangement: SSKHz

5. White Love (original karaoke track)
6. Good Life (original karaoke track)
7. Spark×2 (original karaoke track)
8. Usual Soldier (original karaoke track)