Information on the year-end lucky bag prize promotion

All individuals who access the special site listed on the “prize card” that comes included with any edition of the single, “終電を超えて~Christmas Night/忘年会!BOU!NEN!KAI! (Shuuden o Koete ~Christmas Night/Bounenkai! BOU! NEN! KAI!),” will be able to receive a special bonus!

■Bonus 1
Phone wallpaper of an individual member
Select 1 out of 5 images of the individual members to receive as a prize.

[Wallpaper download period]
12/12 Tue. 10:00-12/17 Sun. 23:59
※The size of the phone wallpapers have been scaled for PC and smartphone and either size can be chosen.

■Bonus 2
Limited-time streamed videos (either A or B can be chosen)

・A. “Shuuden o Koete ~Christmas Night” cover shoot making-of footage
A record of the scenes from the cover shoot with bright Christmas lights and the nightscape in the background that are reminiscent of Christmas Eve! Get your fill of their cool and stylish looks together with their cute expressions. You just might be able to feel like you’re experiencing Christmas early!?

・B. “Bounenkai! BOU! NEN! KAI!” special version music video
The members dressed up in various outfits for the song’s music video.
While getting your fill of the members dressing up in various outfits that you’ve always wanted to see them wear, you just might be able to learn a bit about how music videos are shot?! The special version music video includes a variety!
1. Partying and having a good time while wearing yukatas! (Full chorus ver.)
2. Dancing and free-style dancing while wearing their main outfits, happis!? (Full chorus ver.)
3. Solo lip-syncing shots of each character (single chorus version of each character)

[Streaming period]
12/12 Tue. 10:00-12/31 Sun. 23:59

●For each serial code, either Bonus 1 or Bonus 2 can be chosen.
●Bonus 2 includes Video A and Video B. For each serial code, either Video A or Video B can be watched.
●Serial numbers on “prize promotion cards” will not be reissued.
●A PC/smartphone <Android, iPhone>/tablet device will be required to access the content of this promotion.
Please note that there may be instances where the content can not be accessed based on the models used or the environment. Please note that the content can not be accessed using a cell phone <i-mode/EZweb/Yahoo! Keitai>/PHS.
●Bonus 2’s streamed videos can be viewed an unlimited number of times within the streaming period. However, once the streaming period ends, even individuals with serial codes will not be able to view them. Thank you for your understanding.