Early-bird pre-order bonus

Receive the following bonus items on a first-come, first-serve basis when purchasing the single, “終電を超えて~Christmas Night/忘年会!BOU!NEN!KAI! (Shuuden o Koete ~Christmas Night/Bounenkai! BOU! NEN! KAI!)” at CD stores nationwide.

[First-run limited Jingle Bell edition]
AB☆Kuri! Special photo (L size)

[First-run limited BU! REI! KOU! edition]
The coming year, coming year poster calendar 2018 (B2 size)

[Regular edition] Original clear file folder (A4 size)

※Each bonus format will have a separate group design. Only a limited number of bonus items available.
※Not all CD stores participating. For details, please inquire at the individual stores.
※Not all online shopping sites participating. Please check with the individual site beforehand.