[First-run limited 5th anniversary Anniversary edition]

1. Reboot!!!
2. ペルソナ・ゲーム (Perusona Geemu)

Disc 1 (approx. 119 min.)
1. “Reboot!!!” music video
2. Making of “Reboot!!!”
3. “Commemorating their 5th debut anniversary”: A.B.C-Z’s huge year-end party celebrating their 5 years~Tonight we’re gonna go bananas~ (approx. 77 min.)
※The group holds a huge year-end party to commemorate the fifth anniversary of their debut! A.B.C-Z looks back on the five years since their debut as they enjoy a full-course meal with a beautiful night view. Just when one might think the atmosphere will stay luxurious, the footage turns comedic with plenty of highlight scenes characteristic of the group. This special variety content will revolve around all sorts of themes and games as they look back on the last five years!

Disc 2 (approx. 77 min.)
1. Johnnys' Summer Paradise 2016 Ryosuke Hashimoto performance
“ハシツアーズ~もうかわいいなんて言わせない~ (Hashi Tours ~Mo Kawaii Nante Iwasenai~)”

☆Enclosed bonuses
・5th anniversary special commemorative photo book (32 pages)
・Event participation ticket “5th debut anniversary Thank You card A”

[First-run limited 5th anniversary Best edition]

1. Reboot!!!
2. ペルソナ・ゲーム (Perusona Geemu)

Disc 1
・Singles Music Video Collection (approx. 82 min.)
1. Za ABC ~5stars~
2. ずっとLOVE (Zutto LOVE)
3. Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z
4. Walking on Clouds
5. Never My Love
6. Legend Story
8. Moonlight walker
9. 花言葉 (Hanakotoba)
10. Take a ”5” Train

Disc 2
・A.B.C-Z 5 years of music videos viewing party ~5stars×10clips~ (approx. 72 min)
※The group watches 10 total DVD/CD single works from the time of their debut up to now. This commentary project will be full of rare talk only available here, featuring memories from the time of filming, secrets about the videos’ creation, and more. What were they thinking back then? What sorts of feelings did they have? This project content will also feature some hilarious talk as they look back!

☆Enclosed bonus
・Event participation ticket “5th debut anniversary Thank You card B”

[Regular edition]

1. Reboot!!!
3. リメンバー (Rimenbaa)
4. Reboot!!! -Inst.-
5. YOU ARE A FLYER -Inst.-
6. リメンバー (Rimenbaa) -Inst.-

☆First press enclosed bonus
・Debut 5th anniversary commemorative stickers

☆First press specs
・Decorated CD label

※The regular edition does not include an event participation ticket. Please take note.