“Give Me Love”

[First-run limited edition]
☆16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

1. Give Me Love
┗Theme song for Fuji TV networks’ Monday at 9 p.m. TV Drama “カインとアベル (Cain to Abel)”
Lyrics: Vandrythem/Music: Takuya Harada, 川口進, Christofer Erixon/Arrangement: 高橋哲也

2. Traffic Jam
Lyrics: MICO♯, Music & Arrangement: Fredrik“Figge”Bostrom, Pontus Soderqvist

3. Traffic Jam (original karaoke track)

“Give Me Love” music video + making-of

[First press regular edition]
☆28-page lyrics booklet enclosed

1. Give Me Love
2. TOY
Lyrics: m.piece/Music & Arrangement: HIKARI

3. Baby I Love You
Lyrics: Octobar/Music: Takuya Harada, Josef Melin/Arrangement: Tomoki Ishizuka

4. TOY (original karaoke track)
5. Baby I Love You (original karaoke track)

[Regular edition]

1. Give Me Love
2. Glorious
Lyrics: MICO♯/Music: Justin Reinstein/Arrangement: Taku Yoshioka

3. 明日ハレルヤ (Ashita Hareruya)
Lyrics & Music: CHI-MEY/Arrangement: SSKHz

4. Give Me Love (original karaoke track)
5. Glorious (original karaoke track)
6. 明日ハレルヤ (Ashita Hareruya) (original karaoke track)

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