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  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “LIVE TOUR 2017 The ONES” on sale now
  • Album “The ONES,” on sale now
  • DVD “TWENTIETH TRIANGLE TOUR 戸惑いの惑星 (TWENTIETH TRIANGLE TOUR Tomadoi no Hoshi)” on sale now
  • img DVD & Blu-ray Disc
    “LIVE TOUR 2017 The ONES”
    (regular edition)
  • img Album
    “The ONES”
    (regular edition)
  • img DVD
    Tomadoi no Hoshi”
    (regular edition)


[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “LIVE TOUR 2017 The ONES”]
The tie-in arena tour with the album “The ONES,” which had a total of 21 performances in 7 cities nationwide and drew an audience of 244,000, is being released on DVD!
A masterpiece has been completed where you can get your fill of the sophisticated V6’s talented singing and performance.

[Album “The ONES”]
V6’s 13th album and their first original album in four and a half years.
The title “The ONES” showcases that this is an album that was completed by combining many individual parts.
The album is comprised of eleven newly recorded songs and three singles.
Of the newly recorded songs, the members completely oversaw the production of six of them. They decided the song selection, content of the lyrics, distribution of singing parts, and types of footage used. “The things that we want to do now as V6” according to the members was the theme for these songs.
In 2017, an album representing V6 exactly as they are “now” is completed!

With Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, and Yoshihiko Inohara, 20th Century attempted working as just three performers for the first time. Their story told through song, the stage performance “TWENTIETH TRIANGLE TOUR Tomadoi no Hoshi,” is being released on video!
The first-run limited edition includes the songs used during the main show on a single CD, as well as a recorded version of the new song “Change Your Destiny” which was created for the show, now released on disc for the first time.
The regular edition includes hilarious audio commentary from the three 20th Century members. A relaxed atmosphere invites the listener to feel as though you’re really there as they get off-topic all over the place... just who’s going to keep them on track? You’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy the kind of atmosphere that only 20th Century can put out.