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“The ONES”
(First-run limited edition A)
“The ONES”
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“The ONES”
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[Album “The ONES”]
This is V6’s 13th album and their first original album in 4 and a half years.
The reason for the title, “The ONES,” is to show that this is an album that has been completed by combining many individual parts.
The album is comprised of 11 newly recorded songs and 3 singles.
Of the newly recorded songs, the members completely oversaw the production of 6 of them. The members had a say in the choice of songs, the content of the lyrics, who would be in charge of the solo parts of a song, and the footage. The theme for these songs is “the things that we, V6, want to do” according to the members.
In 2017, an album representing V6 as they are “now” will be completed!