KinKi Kids

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  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “MTV Unplugged: KinKi Kids” 4/11/2018. release
  • Single “Topaz Love/DESTINY” on sale now
  • img DVD & Blu-ray Disc
    “MTV Unplugged: KinKi Kids”
  • img Single “Topaz Love/DESTINY”
    (First-run edition A)
  • img Single “Topaz Love/DESTINY”
    (First-run edition B)


[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “MTV Unplugged: KinKi Kids”]
With the 20th anniversary of their CD debut just around the corner in May 2017, a super premium concert in front of 800 people was held in PIT Toyosu, Tokyo. This performance will finally be released on DVD and Blu-ray.
It is the complete version which includes the 11 songs that were aired within the program, as well as talk time and two songs that were not aired, making for a total of 13 songs.
Please enjoy the two of them singing songs that have continued to be loved over generations in an acoustic atmosphere.

[Single “Topaz Love/DESTINY”]
The KinKi Kids 39th single is a double A-side single that includes the 2nd cour ending theme and the 1st cour opening theme for the anime “タイムボカン 逆襲の三悪人 (Time Bokan Gyakushu no Sanakunin).”
“Topaz Love” is the first Koichi and Tsuyoshi exclusive in nearly seven years. It is an upbeat yet sad love song, a style signature of KinKi Kids. Although “DESTINY” is another love song, it overflows with power with its jazzy yet rock sound that subtly complements their singing. Koichi and Tsuyoshi’s solo songs included only in the first-run edition B are also a must-listen!