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  • Single “Kumo” on sale now.
  • Single “Ai! wanna be with you...” on sale now
  • img Single “Kumo”
    (First-run limited edition)
  • img Single “Kumo”
    (regular edition)
  • img Single “Ai! wanna be with you...”
    (regular edition)


[Single “Kumo”]
TOKIO’s 53rd new single goes on sale on 8/30 Wed.!!
“Kumo” is the theme song for the TBS Teppen! Wednesday Drama!! “わにとかげぎす (Wani to Kagegisu),” airing from 7/19 Wed.
The TV drama “Wani to Kagegisu,” based on a manga by Minoru Furuya, is the story of a man who suddenly realizes he’s alone after living a life fleeing from responsibility, getting wrapped up in all kinds of incidents when he tries to interact with others, but always giving it his best... or something like that.
“The only one who has the back of this supremely weak protagonist is TOKIO!” That suggestion from TOKIO is now a reality. Tomoya Nagase read the original manga and wrote the song while thinking of the protagonist, who lives his life the best he can, however clumsily. It’s a simple rock number that offers a feeling of strength and hope in the midst of sadness.

[Single “Ai! wanna be with you...”]
“Ai! wanna be with you...,” the theme song for the TV Asahi networks Friday Night Drama “家政夫のミタゾノ (Kaseifu no Mitazono),” was written and composed by Tomoya Nagase. For TOKIO, it’s a rare somewhat punkish digital rock song. It’s about the fighting that happens among family, friends, and lovers, that while silly and pointless, the song makes you feel like they’re also things to be cherished.
The first-run limited edition DVD includes the “Ai! wanna be with you...” music video and making-of, while the regular edition will include a paired song that was also written and composed by Nagase, and a recording of “TOKIO STATION ~ラジオ編~ (TOKIO STATION ~Rajio Hen~)”!
Additionally, the first press regular edition will be the only one that includes an “<愛 (Ai)> sticker.”