Kis-My-Ft2’s new song, “HOME,” has been chosen as the commercial background song for the Tokyo Interior “Corporate Advertisement” commercials which will start airing from 2/1 Thu.!

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  • Album “Yummy!!” 4/25/2018 release
    Single “You & Me” 4/25/2018 release
    DVD & Blu-ray Disc “LIVE TOUR 2017 MUSIC COLOSSEUM” on sale now
  • Single “Akai Kajitsu,” on sale now
  • Album “Busaiku no, Wa!” (Busaiku) on sale now
  • img DVD & Blu-ray Disc
    (Blu-ray edition)
  • img Single “Akai Kajitsu”
    (regular edition)
  • img Album “Busaiku no, Wa!” (Busaiku)
    (First-run limited edition A)


[Album “Yummy!!”]
Kis-My-Ft2’s seventh original album “Yummy!!” is coming out on 4/25 Wed.!
This year marks the seventh anniversary of Kis-My’s debut, and they’re delivering a truly delicious piece of entertainment with this album!
In addition to the 14 single and tie-in songs, solo songs from Hiromitsu Kitayama, Taisuke Fujigaya, and Yuta Tamamori, along with a bonus track that can be described as an introduction for the new member, are featured exclusively in the regular edition for 18 tracks total.
In addition, the first-run edition DVD features footage from a novel new project called “Kisumatsu Manor” which takes place at a boy’s dormitory of the same name!

[Single “You & Me”]
Available at the same time as the release of the seventh album “Yummy!!” is the limited special single “You & Me” (limited to a strict print run of 77,777 copies), which will be available exclusively on 7-Net!
Packed with the message “Yummy!!” = “You & Me,” the special single includes the incredible medium-tempo ballad “HOME,” which is already being used as the commercial background song for “東京インテリア (Tokyo Interior),” along with a special unit song from Hiromitsu Kitayama, Taisuke Fujigaya, and Yuta Tamamori for a two-song double A-side single. The DVD will also include visual content for the two songs!
Additionally, the cover will have serial numbers ranging from [001~77,777 numbering (You) & Kis-My-Ft2 (Me)] printed on it!

2017’s arena tour “CONCERT TOUR 2017 MUSIC COLOSSEUM,” the first in four years, will become a live DVD & Blu-ray and go on sale!
The main feature shows concert footage from a performance at Yokohama Arena on August 12th.
The first-run edition includes a “Kis-My VR” to let fans watch, listen, and experience the first Kis-My-Ft2 VR concert footage. (Watch and listen via the enclosed VR kit and your smartphone) In addition, a close-coverage documentary of the arena tour and the tour wrap-up are included.
The regular edition includes another way to enjoy the concert in the form of SAP concert talk by the members, and a collection of unexpected incidents and great/rare scenes from the tour.
The Blu-ray edition includes multi-angle concert footage, a collection of talk segments from all venues, and special footage from the tour finale!

[Single “Akai Kajitsu”]
The 20th single “Akai Kajitsu” will be released on 11/29/2017 Wed.!
The title song is the theme song for the TV Asahi networks Friday Night Drama, “重要参考人探偵 (Juyo Sankonin Tantei),” starring Yuta Tamamori. This song was written to be the TV drama theme song, and its mysterious and mature appeal makes it unlike any other Kis-My single that has been released so far. The paired songs include everything from dance to pop tunes and mid-tempo songs perfect for the winter season. Despite being a single, it allows you to experience the various facets of Kis-My!

[Album “Busaiku no, Wa!” (Busaiku)]
Busaiku’s two-year-long dream! The release of their first album will be on 12/13/2017 Wed.!
The release date coincides with the anniversary of their debut!
Total of 16 songs planned, including 4 singles.
Along with the release of this album, a much-awaited concert has also been announced!