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  • Single “Ask Yourself” 4/18/2018 release
    Single “Senakagoshi no Chansu” (Kame to Yama-P) on sale now
  • DVD “KAT-TUN 10TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR ‘10Ks!’” on sale now
  • img Single “Senakagoshi no Chansu” (Kame to Yama-P)
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[Single “Ask Yourself”]
KAT-TUN’s 27th release and the 1st single since they restarted their activities has been announced!
The title song song, “Ask Yourself,” is the theme song for the Kansai TV and Fuji TV networks Tuesdays at 9 TV drama starring Kazuya Kamenashi, “FINAL CUT.”
The sexy and melodious tune is typical KAT-TUN, and the lyrics express the feeling of continually groping for a path and believing in the future as you walk on into tomorrow. The song also expresses KAT-TUN’s feelings as they restart their group activities.

[Single “Senakagoshi no Chansu” (Kame to Yama-P)]
The release of a new single, “Senakagoshi no Chansu,” from the special unit of Kazuya Kamenashi and Tomohisa Yamashita, “Kame to Yama-P,” has been announced for the first time in 12 years!
The title song “Senakagoshi no Chansu” is the theme song for the Nippon Television networks Saturday TV drama, “ボク、運命の人です。 (Boku, Unmei no Hito desu.),” starring Kazuya Kamenashi and featuring Tomohisa Yamashita. It’s been about 12 years since their last release, “青春アミーゴ (Seishun Amiigo),” and they’ve each walked their own path since then. The inevitability of the group’s reformation and the nostalgia of the lyrics leave an impression on the listener, and the new single features bright expressions and warmth that only the two of them could produce together.

This year, having reached their 10th anniversary since their debut, KAT-TUN showed their true worth!
This is a complete recording of their May 1st Tokyo Dome performance which also became their final concert before going on hiatus to rest.