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  • Single “奇跡の人 (Kiseki no Hito)” 09.06.2017 release
    Album “Jam” on sale now
  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “KANJANI’s Eightertainment” on sale now
  • Single “Naguri Gaki BEAT” on sale now
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(regular edition)
DVD & Blu-ray Disc
“KANJANI’s Eightertainment”
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“Naguri Gaki BEAT”
(regular edition)


[Single “Kiseki no Hito”]
New single “Kiseki no Hito” to be released on 9/6 Wed.!
This song is the theme song for the Nippon Television networks Saturday TV drama “ウチの夫は仕事ができない (Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai)” starring Nishikido.
Sadamashi wrote the music and lyrics to this heart-warming song that has something nostalgic about it, a sort of KANJANI EIGHT-style “Kanpaku Sengen.”
In addition, live music and video were recorded at the outdoor music festival “TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017” (also known as Metro Rock), where the members featured for the first time in May of this year. This is precious music and video footage that lets you experience the atmosphere of a rock festival, something a little different from the members’ usual performances!

In the album are 5 tracks such as “侍唄 (Samurai Songu)”produced by Rekishi (Takafumi Ikeda) released in December 2015, and their latest single “なぐりガキBEAT (Naguri Gaki BEAT).” Also included are new tracks of music provided by the super artists and producers connected through their regular TV Asahi program “関ジャム 完全燃SHOW (Kanjam Kanzen NenSHOW)”! “Jam” is filled with the best of the best of KANJANI EIGHT, cured over a period of 19 months. With its diverse content from pop to rock, this new album is dedicated to all music fans as an embodiment of their energy,

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc, “KANJANI’s Eightertainment”]
5/10 Wed. release announced for the concert DVD/Blu-ray of the “KANJANI’s Eightertainment” winter 5 Dome tour from December 2016 to January this year!
They are entertaining, live concerts full of what makes up KANJANI EIGHT - as Eightrangers, their singing and dancing, and as a band. It is packed with recordings of the members performing with all their best on a stage that is colored at 360 degrees with lights, sound, and cheers!

[Single “Naguri Gaki BEAT”]
The new single, “Naguri Gaki BEAT,” will be released on 1/25/2017 Wed.!
The title song is the theme song for the movie starring Yokoyama, “破門 ふたりのヤクビョーガミ (Hamon Futari no Yakubyoogami).”
The [first-run limited edition] includes the “Recital” Remixes of “前向きスクリーム! (Maemuki Sukuriimu!)” and “罪と夏 (Tsumi to Natsu).” The DVD contains the “Naguri Gaki BEAT” music video and making-of footage. The [regular edition] includes 2 new songs.
In addition, the [New Year’s deluxe edition] is a limited-time only release which comes with a recording of “A 2017 New Year’s party with just the 7 members” on DVD!