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  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “KANJANI’s Eightertainment Jam” 3/7/2018 release announced
  • Album “Jam” on sale now
  • Single “Outou Seyo” on sale now
  • img DVD & Blu-ray Disc
    “KANJANI’s Eightertainment
    (DVD regular edition)
  • img Album
    (regular edition)
  • img Single
    “Outou Seyo”
    (regular edition)


[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “KANJANI’s Eightertainment Jam”]
This release includes songs from 2017’s summer five dome tour for “KANJANI’s Eightertainment Jam,” which features a wide variety of songs from the album “ジャム (Jam)” provided by incredible artists and producers, in addition to hand-picked hits from the past and present to create a special setlist! The songs contained within encompass performances with an incredible range of styles, from “dance,” to “band,” to “variety,” that the group has been cultivating since their debut. The result is a two-part general entertainment concert that only KANJANI EIGHT could pull off.

[Album “Jam”]
In the album are 5 tracks such as “侍唄 (Samurai Songu)”produced by Rekishi (Takafumi Ikeda) released in December 2015, and their latest single “なぐりガキBEAT (Naguri Gaki BEAT).” Also included are new tracks of music provided by the super artists and producers connected through their regular TV Asahi program “関ジャム 完全燃SHOW (Kanjam Kanzen NenSHOW)”! “Jam” is filled with the best of the best of KANJANI EIGHT, cured over a period of 19 months. With its diverse content from pop to rock, this new album is dedicated to all music fans as an embodiment of their energy,

[Single “Outou Seyo”]
The new single “Outou Seyo” will be released on 11/15/2017 Wed.!
Also serving as the theme song for the movie “泥棒役者 (Dorobo Yakusha),” which features Ryuhei Maruyama in his first solo starring role, this is KANJANI EIGHT’s first band-style single of the year.
The group welcomed Haruichi Shindo of Porno Graffitti to write the lyrics, and the song’s worldview features a warm, optimistic message that will help motivate you to move forward in life.
The paired song included on the single is “Sweet Parade,” the official party song for “めざましテレビPRESENTS T-SPOOK (Mezamashi TV PRESENTS T-SPOOK).” This upbeat tune is about the power and fun of music and is brought to you amidst a fantastical band sound. This is a song that brings a spectacular mood of excitement in the KANJANI style to one of the biggest Halloween events in Japan boasting live performances featuring a lavish artist lineup and a striking, large-scale costume parade.