What's New?

  • Album “ジャム (Jam)” 6/28/2017 release
    DVD & Blu-ray Disc “KANJANI’s Eightertainment” on sale now
  • Single “Naguri Gaki BEAT” on sale now
  • Single “NOROSHI” on sale now
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DVD & Blu-ray Disc
“KANJANI’s Eightertainment”
(DVD regular edition)
“Naguri Gaki BEAT”
(regular edition)
(regular edition)


[Album “Jam”]
Recordings of the five singles, starting with “侍唄 (Samurai Songu)” produced by Rekishi (Takafumi Ikeda) and released in December 2015, until their latest single, “なぐりガキBEAT (Naguri Gaki BEAT),” as well as many recordings of new songs with contributions by top artists and producers that they have connections with through TV Asahi ‘s regular program, “関ジャム 完全燃SHOW (Kanjam Kanzen NenSHOW)!” Packed with everything KANJANI EIGHT and their ripening over one year and seven months, the top ranking “Jam” has been put together. Full of pop, rock, and a variety of music, it is a new album of all their might that has something to offer to fans of all music genres.

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc, “KANJANI’s Eightertainment”]
5/10 Wed. release announced for the concert DVD/Blu-ray of the “KANJANI’s Eightertainment” winter 5 Dome tour from December 2016 to January this year!
They are entertaining, live concerts full of what makes up KANJANI EIGHT - as Eightrangers, their singing and dancing, and as a band. It is packed with recordings of the members performing with all their best on a stage that is colored at 360 degrees with lights, sound, and cheers!

[Single “Naguri Gaki BEAT”]
The new single, “Naguri Gaki BEAT,” will be released on 1/25/2017 Wed.!
The title song is the theme song for the movie starring Yokoyama, “破門 ふたりのヤクビョーガミ (Hamon Futari no Yakubyoogami).”
The [first-run limited edition] includes the “Recital” Remixes of “前向きスクリーム! (Maemuki Sukuriimu!)” and “罪と夏 (Tsumi to Natsu).” The DVD contains the “Naguri Gaki BEAT” music video and making-of footage. The [regular edition] includes 2 new songs.
In addition, the [New Year’s deluxe edition] is a limited-time only release which comes with a recording of “A 2017 New Year’s party with just the 7 members” on DVD!

[Single “NOROSHI”]
“NOROSHI,” the theme song for the movie “土竜の唄 香港狂騒曲 (Mogura no Uta Hong Kong Kyosokyoku),” will be released 12/7 Wed.!