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  • Single “Panorama” 10/12/2016 release
  • Single “罪と夏 (Tsumi to Natsu)” on sale now
  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “Shibutani Subaru LIVE TOUR 2016 Uta” on sale now
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(first-run limited edition)
“Tsumi to Natsu”
(First-run limited edition A)
DVD & Blu-ray Disc
“Shibutani Subaru LIVE TOUR 2016 Uta”
DVD edition (regular edition/standard case)


[Single “Panorama”]
The 36th new single, “Panorama,” goes on sale 10/12 Wed.!
It’s the theme song of Fuji TV’s new anime being broadcast from October, “モンスターハンター ストーリーズ RIDE ON (Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON)” (Sundays at 8:30 am)!
It’s a supportive song filled with speed that gives a sense of courage and hope, as if taking a new step into a vast world!
The [first-run limited edition] DVD features the music video and making-of video. In addition to the 2 songs featured on the first-run limited edition, the [regular edition] features 2 additional new songs!

[Single “Tsumi to Natsu”]
This 35th new single is a summer festival song, KANJANI EIGHT-style! The title track “Tsumi to Natsu” is a glittering upbeat rock tune with 100% KANJANI EIGHT flavor to spice up this summer! With this song, you’ll be able to get a full taste of summertime ahead of the concert “関ジャニ∞リサイタル 真夏の俺らは罪なヤツ (KANJANI EIGHT Recital Manatsu no Orera wa Tsumi na Yatsu).”
The paired songs are lavish too! “噂のオトコマエイト! (Uwasa no Otokomaeito!),” the newest KANJANI EIGHT × Dohatsuten song, is a must listen for Eighter. “The Light” features that pair of members singing passionately over a fresh sound. “エイト エイター Oh! (Eito Eitaa Oh!)” will be an important song in the “関ジャニ∞リサイタル (KANJANI EIGHT Recital)” production. “Do you agree?” is included only on the regular edition. This special version of the popular song performed at past concerts has been newly recorded with instrumental accompaniment by the seven members for its first-ever appearance on CD!

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “Shibutani Subaru LIVE TOUR 2016 Uta”]
The footage from Subaru Shibutani’s final performance at Ryogoku Kokugikan during his nationwide concert tour in February and March 2016, “Shibutani Subaru LIVE TOUR 2016 Uta,” is finally available!
Foregoing a flashy production, this concert charms the audience through “song.” Shibutani sings emotional renditions of numerous famous songs that influenced him personally, and the recording shows these performances in a complete and raw format.