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  • DVD & Blu-ray Disc “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND” on sale now
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[Album “EPCOTIA”]
A mega-fantastical production based on the theme of “space travel”!
This release is titled “EPCOTIA” (Epukotia) and follows the same world view as the previous release, “NEVERLAND.” It’s Round 2 of the group’s album project!

[Single “LPS”]
With “love, peace, and smiles” as its theme, this NEWS single is the most “peaceful” in their history.
The title “LPS” is an acronym for “Love/Peace/Smile”!
This is the group’s latest sound for 2018 where the four members optimize their singing by taking quick turns with the microphone.
A warm, life-sized fight song from NEWS for this winter season.
NEWS’ first musical work “NEWSICAL” is recorded on the M2.!
The first-run edition B includes the NEWS Represent Mix of “チェリッシュ (Cherisshu)” and “真冬のナガレボシ (Mafuyu no Nagareboshi).”

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”]
Along with “恋を知らない君へ (Koi o Shiranai Kimi e)” and “EMMA” which were first unveiled in this concert, there is also “U R not alone” which moved the whole venue to tears, and more. The world of “NEVERLAND” is fully captured in this release.
The first-run edition is a premium package that includes the complete recorded footage of both the tour’s final performance at the Tokyo Dome and the arena performance at Osaka-jo Hall!The regular edition includes the Tokyo Dome performance and bonus footage. The bonus footage includes “Magical Words ~MC digest of all performances~” which features a digest of the MC segments from each performance of the tour, for a super-deluxe edition featuring 264 minutes of footage in total!