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  • Single “LPS” on sale 1/17/2018
    DVD & Blu-ray Disc “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND” on sale 1/24/2018
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Single “LPS”
(First-run edition A)
Single “LPS”
(First-run edition B)
Single “LPS”
(regular edition)


[Single “LPS”]
With “love, peace, and smiles” as its theme, this NEWS single is the most “peaceful” in their history.
The title is the initials of “Love, Peace, Smile,” “LPS”!
The mic relay making good use of the four members’ singing voices is the group’s latest sound for 2018.
This winter NEWS is bringing you a warm and life-sized fight song.
For the M2, NEWS’s first musical work “NEWSICAL” will appear in recorded form!
First-run edition B includes “チェリッシュ (Cherisshu)” and “真冬のナガレボシ (Mafuyu no Nagareboshi)” -NEWS Represent Mix-.

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”]
With “恋を知らない君へ (Koi o Shiranai Kimi e)” and “EMMA” which were first unveiled at the concert, “UR not alone” which moved the whole venue to tears, and more, the world of “NEVERLAND” is fully captured here.
The first-run edition is a premium package that includes complete recordings of both the tour’s final performance at the Tokyo Dome and the arena performance at Osaka-jo Hall!The regular edition includes the Tokyo Dome performance and bonus footage. The bonus footage includes “Magical Words ~MC digest of all performances~” which features a digest of MC segments from every tour performance, for a super-deluxe edition featuring 264 minutes in all!