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  • Single “Tsunagu” On sale now
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  • Single “I'll be there” on sale now
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Single “Tsunagu”
(regular edition)
DVD & Blu-ray Disc, “ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 Are You Happy?”
(DVD regular edition)
Single “I'll be there”
(regular edition)


[Single “Tsunagu”]
ARASHI’s 52nd single is the theme song for the movie, “忍びの国 (Shinobi no Kuni),” starring Satoshi Ohno. This is the first time in four years for ARASHI to be featured as a theme song for a movie. The track has turned out to be on an even larger scale with respect to its world view and melody. It follows a path to an era of hope and love even to war-torn countries. The thrilling melody of guitars and shamisen, resonates an emptiness that surprisingly matches ARASHI’s vocals making it their “ultimate love song.”
Additionally, the regular edition’s paired song is the commercial background song “Reach for the sky ~天までとどけ~ (Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke~),” for the JAL “Early Bird Campaign 2017” in which ARASHI portrays the commercial characters. It’s a shout-out song that inspires all to come out into the summer sky.

[DVD & Blu-ray Disc “ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 Are You Happy?”]
The primary focus is on the tracks from their 15th album, “Are You Happy?” Bundled in the disc is the Tokyo performance of their big 5 dome tour which took place from November 2016 to January 2017 during which time there were a total of 18 performances attended by 855,000 people. This concert personifies how “ARASHI sees ARASHI as they are now.” The major highlights are the performances by the members of the songs they each produced, and how these performances and staging manifests their respective personalities. This visual product lets you enjoy the spectacular concert that literally wrapped the venue in happiness!
Additionally, the bonus footage “ARASHI ‘Japonism Show’ in ARENA” included in the first-run limited edition is the much talked about ARASHI’s first arena tour in approximately 9 years. The bonus footage for the regular edition is “Documentary Film ~アユハピ~ (Documentary Film ~Are You Happy~)” which follows the members all the way from when the concert tour was still in its conceptual stage up to the end of the final performance!

[Single “I'll be there”]
This release is ARASHI’s 51st new single, and is the theme song for “貴族探偵 (Kizoku Tantei),” a Monday at 9 p.m. TV Drama on Fuji TV networks starring Masaki Aiba.
The single captures the mysterious atmosphere of the TV drama perfectly, and it has a dynamic and colorful melody paired with the appealing singing of the 5 members. The result is a mature, ARASHI style song.