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  • Album “「untitled」”on sale 10/18/2017
  • Single “Tsunagu” On sale now
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Album “「untitled」”
(First-run limited edition)
Album “「untitled」”
(regular edition)
Single “Tsunagu”
(regular edition)


[Album “「untitled」”]
Their 16th album “「untitled」” is purposely titled to suggest that it is “unfinished,” thereby sublimating ARASHI’s legacy in their 18th year since debut through their bold challenge to produce this album.
In this latest album, ARASHI make their first attempt to create a “suite.” An exceptional song was created by incorporating the melodies from various genres into a long song of over 10 minutes. When listening to it in its entirety, you can sense ARASHI’s past, present and the future. This is a musical piece that is well worth the listen.
The album’s lead song “未完 (Mikan)” epitomizes the album’s title “「untitled」” in every way, it has elements of “Japanese Wa,” “digital,” “classics,” and “hip-hop”... It’s a song that disperses all the themes that ARASHI has ever taken on to create a single core out of that chaos. It’s evolved into a musical piece brimming with the sense of speed.
The first-run limited edition DVD contains the music video, as well as special making-of footage of the album’s lead song, “Mikan.” On top of this, the regular edition contains a total of four songs by ARASHI as a group in what has been a long time!

[Single “Tsunagu”]
ARASHI’s 52nd single is the theme song for the movie, “忍びの国 (Shinobi no Kuni),” starring Satoshi Ohno. This is the first time in four years for ARASHI to be featured as a theme song for a movie. The track has turned out to be on an even larger scale with respect to its world view and melody. It follows a path to an era of hope and love even to war-torn countries. The thrilling melody of guitars and shamisen, resonates an emptiness that surprisingly matches ARASHI’s vocals making it their “ultimate love song.”
Additionally, the regular edition’s paired song is the commercial background song “Reach for the sky ~天までとどけ~ (Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke~),” for the JAL “Early Bird Campaign 2017” in which ARASHI portrays the commercial characters. It’s a shout-out song that inspires all to come out into the summer sky.